Evaluation and Analysis Facilities

Evaluation and Analysis Facilities

Plastic Injection Molding

  • ISO and ASTM dumbbell and bar
  • Flat plate, color plaque
  • SFD and others

Physical Properties Testing

  • Specific gravity analysis
  • Mold shrinkage analysis
  • Moisture absorption and others

Mechanical Properties Testing

  • Tensile and flexural properties testing
  • Charpy impact properties testing
  • Lubricity properties testing and others

Surface Analysis Testing

  • Surface observation analysis
  • Material identification analysis
  • Surface appearance evaluation
  • Chemical resistance evaluation and others

Thermal Properties Testing

  • Melting point, glass transition temperature, crystallization rate determination
  • Filler content and thermal stability determination
  • CLTE properties determination
  • Modulus properties determination
  • DTUL and VICAT determination
  • Melt flow index and others

Long Term Environmental Aging

  • Tensile creep resistance properties testing
  • Accelerated weathering testing
  • Environmental chambers aging
  • Long term chemical resistance properties testing and others


  • Moisture content analysis
  • Dimensional stability evaluation
  • Sample preparation equipment and others