As the only producer of both homopolymer (TENACTM) and copolymer (TENAC-CTM) of Polyacetal (POM), we are able to provide wide range of engineering thermoplastics with balanced combinations of properties required in the market. Our TENACTM are generally used in applications with lubricity properties, high durability properties and low VOC.

The main applications of TENACTM and TENAC-CTM include printer applications (gear, bearing), hard disk drive (internal part) as well as in automotive applications (gear, interior part).

Product Features

  • Good Strength & Stiffness
  • High Toughness & Ductility
  • Excellent Long Term Properties, Creep Resistance & Fatigue Endurance 
  • Excellent Friction, Abrasion & Wear Characteristics 
  • Low Mold Deposit, Low Outgassing Characteristics 
  • Good Conductive Property (TFC, EF Series)