Operation Engineer

Job Description

Safety and environment management

a) Review abnormality report, non-conforming product report, accident/ incident report, support investigation and propose corrective and preventive measures

b) Planning for operational Non-regular work, provide work instruction and training to Supervisor and technicians via toolbox meeting

c) Support regulatory requirement such as water efficiency management plan, energy conservation act and Workplace safety and health act (Major hazard installation regulation

Operation Support

a) Setup and maintain operating conditions, guides, check sheets and logs sheets in collaboration with shift teams to ensure environment, health, safety, quality and productivity requirements are met

b)  Administration control and monitoring of DCS system, to ensure changes to DCS / SIS sequence and settings are properly documented. Alarm optimized to prevent nuisance alarm.

c)  Trouble shooting of production process and quality problem

d) Lead and support ASDM work, assigned by superior, including planning and certain work Instructions making to include various phases including push back, purge, LOTO, leak test, N2 replacement, flushing, filling and commissioning

Process Improvement

a) Responsible for process optimization and capacity improvement projects in the plant

b) Lead the operational MOC and ensure action plan related to the change has been implemented

c) Implement cost reduction measures or projects to reduce the cost of production

d) In close cooperation with technical department members, support and implement new product / process plant trials.

e) Prepare monthly Production Uptime report. Perform analysis and come out with improvement solution. If needed, work with Technical division (and its relevant department) to reduce the equipment downtime.

Capital expense project (Capex management)

a) Follow up of assigned capital expense project and related documentations including non-regular work, capex form, MOC form and risk assessment checksheet and obtain necessary approval

b)   Carry out preliminary process design and identify potential hazards / risk

c)    Liaise with Vendors for preliminary quotes, specification and drawings of the capital jobs

d)   Control the budget allocation and schedule for the capex project

e)   Coordinator for project execution as the key contact between contractor and plant group (Shift team, maintenance department, QC department, EHS department)

f)   Ensure completion of project including documentation update such as updating process safety information

Additional reference of OE duty & responsibility in compare with Process Engineer

a) Identify and develop area of improvements (including production rate) to effectively utilize equipment, materials, and manpower to maximize production without compromising EHS and quality.

b) Evaluate current production activities and make recommendations for EHSQ and efficiency improvements. (Note: common job scope for Sr. Day Supervisor/SDS too)

c)  Provide engineering support for production, maintenance, and other improvement activities to ensure maximum production, improve EHSQ and cost savings and other efficiency.

d)  Ensure shift teams are following the existing process control parameters. (Note: New process control parameters is established by Process Engineers or new installation PIC)

e)  Liaising with SDS on process control suggestion for improvement and work with engineers in other department to make necessary adjustment on the existing process control parameters. E.g. interlock pressure setting etc. Changes on the existing process control parameter is to follow AKSS’s MOC/NRW procedure.

f)  Determine which machines, equipment, etc. will be used and where they will be stationed in the facility. If necessary, collaborate with Technical division (and/or its relevant department) to ensure the right machine/equipment is being procure & use.

g)  Diagnose origin of operational breakdowns, including human factor. Troubleshoot the problems with relevant department(s) and implement resolution plan that assigned to him/her.

h)  Keeping abreast of advancements in engineering and production and sharing knowledge with co-workers.

i)   Identify unsafe operations and practices and report the same to Manager immediately.

j)   Assists Assistant Operation Manager and/or Production Manager in budget preparation and monitor expenses and profitability.

k)  Follow and adhere to all state, federal and company enforced EHSQ rules and regulations.

l)  Collaborate with engineers from other department(s) on daily and/or per needs basis to achieve safe and stable operation and produce high quality products. E.g., during NRW period, improvement projects implementation, commissioning, etc.

m) Develop operational strategies to achieve production and financial objectives.

n)  Establish new operating procedure/Work Instruction/Check Sheet and risk assessment for production activities. (Note: SDS- to review and update existing procedure/check sheets/RA, also to develop simple new procedure/check sheet/RA)

o)  Develop operational best practices to improve production capacity, quality, and reliability.


· Degree in Chemical / Mechanical engineering or its equivalent

· Minimum 2-year experience as operation engineer in a chemical processing plant

· Good knowledge of chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and / or polymer science

· Experience in a process safety management, quantitative risk assessment such as LOPA (layer of protection analysis) or safety case preparation will be advantageous

· SCEM, or Steam engineer/ boiler attendant certificate, preferable

· Working knowledge in ISO9001, ISO14001, SS506-Part 3, cost control and regulations

· Highly motivated, energetic individual, with inquiring mind set and willingness to take up new challenges

· Good interpersonal and communication skills