Day Operation Technician

Job Description 


1. Performing routine operations

  • Day Operation technician, is required to work for ASDM activities, including the planning phases, execution phases and review phases. The Detail tasks during preparation phase are procedure preparation (in the form of Visio, excel or word format), blind allocation for critical ASDM activities, LOTO instruction. The detail tasks during execution phase are daily tasks coordination, critical activities support, site work execution follow up etc. The detail tasks during review phases are procedure review for improvement, ASDM scheduling review, safety measurement review.
  • Proper documentation and record keeping.
  • Other tasks or project works assigned by superior.
  • Strictly follow documented procedures (e.g., Standard operating procedure-SOP, EHS regulations, Check sheet, risk assessment) to ensure safe and stable operation in the plant.
  • Record all the information in the documented records (eg: Log-sheet or check-sheets) as required and be involved in the process troubleshooting / investigations / abnormality reports.
  • Check sheets and workflow sheet must be filled up at each step and final completion confirmed by supervisor.
  • Provide input and/or prepare draft of revised manufacturing SOP or check sheets.
  • Promptly report any near miss / deviations / incidents to his Supervisor, directly or through Risk reporting & improvement proposal system.
  • Always keep good housekeeping conditions, return all tools / items to designated place and enforce similar standards to contractors. Ensure tools / items fully accounted during handover / takeover according to quantity and condition specified.
  • Assist his supervisor to collect data and samples to facilitate trouble shooting or improvement effort
  • Support implementation of new/revised procedure and check compliance to the procedures. Inform his direct supervisor if any abnormality is detected
  • Monitor stores and tools managed by day team to ensure sufficient stores and tools, and in good working condition
  • Provide administrative support to production department members, in purchasing consumable items. Assist operation team in sourcing new operational tools and maintain the inventory of item.

2. Quality control

  • Has responsibility to ensure quality of products under his control, including prevention of foreign material contamination.

3. Performing non-regular work

  • When an abnormal condition is detected (outside of normal operating condition), stop operation and inform supervisor immediately.
  • Support actual NRW, in parallel to shift operation. Join toolbox meeting, understand and take effective measurement to mitigate and manage the risk during NRW execution. Conduct properly work closure including normalizing the process as per plan and carry out housekeeping at workplace.

4. Emergency response

  • Involve in CERT team/organization when appointed as part of CERT (Company Emergency response team).
  • Participate in CERT training, drills and audits defined by EHS department.
  • When emergency situation occurs, follow the steps established in the emergency response plan, perform assigned role such as fire warden, first aider or rescuer.

5. Committee and training

  • Involve in Production department committee as shift representative, to provide feedback to committee and assist committee to implement action items.
  • Train and guide new day technicians during On-job-training.

6. HR policy and Overtime participation

  • Adhere to HR policies requirements and perform overtime duties pre-arranged with supervisor.
  • Where possible, participate in over-time work or emergency call-out due to urgent manpower needs in production department.
  • Join short term shift work or ad-hoc support to shift team as instructed by direct supervisor.


  1. Diploma or Nitec in Chemical engineering or equivalent.
  2. Experienced in Annual shutdown/startup is preferred.
  3. Minimum 2 years work experience in a chemical processing environment. Experience in polymerization and/or extrusion is advantageous.
  4. Possess basic Knowledge of chemical processing with working knowledge of ISO14001, ISO9001, SS651.
  5. Proficient in using computing software – MS word, MS Excel, MS Visio.
  6. Able to work on day in a fast-paced environment.