Our Policy

Our Policy

Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Policy

Date: 10 Sep 2019

In Asahi Kasei Plastics Singapore Pte Ltd and Polyxylenol Singapore Pte Ltd, we believe that the conduct of all business activities for the manufacturing of Poly-Phenylene Ether (PPE), modified Poly-Phenylene Ether (m-PPE), 2-6-Xylenol (XY), Research and Development and Technical Support for customers and good product quality can only be achieved through a high standard in safety, health and environmental management. Our core values are “Safety First”, “Good Workplace Hygiene and Health” and “Environmental Protection”. We commit to review our policy annually and meet these core values by full adherence to the following five principles:

  1. Promotion of Operational Health and Safety

    Safety is a fundamental value of our APS/PXS corporate activity. All employees are responsible for ensuring a high level of operational safety in the company at all times. The level of operational safety is continually heightened through a “Plan-Do-Check-Act” cycle. Risks shall be continually evaluated and eliminated where possible and practicable. When elimination is not possible, the effects shall be mitigated.

  2. Improvement of Safety, Health and Environment

    We are committed to improve the workplace safety, Occupational health and minimize the environment footprint of our operations through continual improvement programs to enhance the OSH&E performance.  Aim towards preventing injury, ill health and Process Safety incident through setting of realistic objective and targets, promotional programs in safety, health & environmental and trainings. We are committed for well-being of every personnel working in the organization and achieving “Zero – Safety Injury, Occupational Health illness and Process Safety & Environmental Incident”.

  3. Environmental Protection & Responsibility

    We shall achieve Environmental Protection through the development and implementation of new and innovative technologies and products by considering all environmental aspects, impacts and its control measures in order to minimize any negative impacts to the environment.

    We shall promote climate change mitigation & adaption, reduce, reuse and recycle culture in our daily operations. We will ensure implementation of process that prevents pollution to the air, water, land and minimize Greenhouse Gases emission to support climate mitigation.

  4. Legal Obligation and Other Requirement

    We shall comply with all the applicable local laws, regulations, other requirements and international best practices related to safety, health and environmental matters in all aspects of our operations through constant monitoring and periodic review of the status of compliance.

  5. Adequate Training to all Employees and Contractors

    Safety, Health & Environmental training and education shall be reviewed regularly and all APS staff and contractors shall be adequately trained with the necessary skill and knowledge to work safely in the company.